1. Hillside Haven Retirement Residence

    Zanthion helped Hillside Haven become SMART

    A five-part series on how Zanthion enhanced the lives of our residents by improving their Safety, Mental health, Activity, Rest and Togetherness. Michael Gestetner Director Hillside Haven Retirement ResidenceOf all the many people that inquire about, tour and move into Hillside Haven, most have one major concern - safety. The concerned party can be the senior themselves, loved ones, a health care …Read More

  2. How Caregiver Apps Are Improving Senior Communities

    As a caregiver, responding to every emergency or situation around your assisted living community can easily become overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, as technology has evolved over recent years, there are now several apps designed to support caregivers, making senior living much more manageable for those overseeing and tending to the needs of the community. Throughout this post, we will take…Read More

  3. Hillside Haven Retirement Residence

    How Technology Helps Our Residents Sleep Better

    How Technology Helps Our Residents Sleep Better By Michael Gestetner, Director, Hillside Haven Retirement ResidenceAccording to the National Sleep Foundation, seniors need the same amount of sleep as young and middle-aged adults. Unfortunately, many seniors have difficulties with sleep, struggling to fall asleep or remain sleeping long enough to satisfy their needs. There can be many causes, inclu…Read More

  4. Against All Odds Value Arises

    Mind, Body, Spirit – The Cultural Value of Seniors – Part 1 Senior Spirit

    Both my wife, Eva, and I work from home and have a 10 year old girl, Paisley,  visiting us this week.  My wife and I are purpose driven.  Each of us has a dream we wish to achieve that means something to ourselves.  For me, that dream is the creation of a society that provides Quality of Life for Everyone specifically targeting seniors, their caregivers, and the stakeholders in the senior’s …Read More

  5. Passive Patient Monitoring vs. Traditional Medical Alert Systems

    Thanks to advancements in technology, medical alert systems are now packed full of features that were previously unavailable to consumers. Traditional patient monitoring devices were limited in their capabilities of monitoring the elderly, and only allowed elderly individuals to alert for help if something went wrong. However, modern medical alert systems now allow continuous monitoring through ne…Read More

  6. AI A better tomorrow

    AI Bringing Quality of Life for Everyone

    AI for a better tomorrow As Andrew Ng has shown in their research represented in The Machines Are Getting Ready to Play Doctor, AI can easily beat the analytical pattern matching skills of trained professionals detecting arrhythmias. It makes complete sense when you think about what the two of them have to compare against; machine learning - millions of samples, the human however many they can di…Read More

  7. Passive Patient Monitoring with Medical Alert Systems

    Modernizing Medical Alert Systems Medical alert systems were initially created as a means to offer independence to elderly individuals while providing a level of safety and comfort to families and loved ones. Older medical alert systems possess limited capabilities, and rarely document what actually happened to the individual requiring assistance. With the emergence of new technologies, it is now …Read More

  8. Heath Care Costs

    The Guaranteed Medical Payment System (NOT Healthcare) and Your Welfare

    This article is about the mislabeling of the United States Guaranteed Medical Payment System, as a Healthcare System, and the cost to you built into every product and service you buy with your now mandatory insurance premiums. There are three necessary elements to a valued healthcare system: Environment (food, air, water) Lifestyle (accidents, exercise, anxiety) Repair and Resolution (medical, dru…Read More

  9. How to Talk to Seniors About The Benefits of Technology

    These days, technology is everywhere; even babies are using iPads now! Yet many seniors resist using modern technology in their daily lives. Whether it is because of a fear of the unknown or a lack of education, it is possible for your technophobic parent to start taking advantage of the innovations of the internet and technology in general. There are so many ways that seniors can benefit from tec…Read More