When Is it Time to Get Medical Alert Protection?

Ann had raised seven children, helped her husband of 51 years plant multiple churches, was known for her world-class casseroles but was having trouble remembering if she’d made lunch today. Her husband was frustrated, but there were bigger concerns.  Ann was also having trouble remembering if she’d left the stove on, needed a coat to go outside or taken her medicine. Ann couldn’t safely care for herself without supervision, and with her husband’s failing health, they needed outside assistance to stay in their home.

Medical Alert Protection Is on the Rise

With the rise of artificial intelligence, seniors and their concerned children have options that were science fiction even a decade ago. Fall detection watches worn by your loved one can be linked to your phone, keeping you informed of how they are doing, keeping them safe, and allowing them freedom and a fuller life despite what would otherwise be limiting health and safety concerns. According to studies, 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their homes, and with a variety of systems, it’s important to weigh the right factors. 

What to Look for in Your System:

  1. Complete Package

Having a system that covers every area of need is essential. Door alarms, bed sensors, and in-home motion detectors can turn your loved one’s residence into a safer place that they can stay in longer. You and your loved one can set it up to meet their needs, and it can be tweaked as their situation changes. 

  1. Affordable

High-quality sensors and monitoring is now realistic and attainable. For less then a trip to the Urgent Care, a UTI sensor can monitor and alert seniors and their loved ones instantly of infections. In the home, monitors can be hooked up or existing security systems, and pre-programmed dashboards can analyze data and sense concerns. 

  1. Easy-to Use

The ideal system also needs to be user-friendly and simple with a minimal number of buttons to worry about. Finally, it needs to be low-maintenance so once it’s installed; you and your loved one can get back to what’s important.

  1. Cell Service over Wi-Fi

If your medical alert system is connected to a cell signal, you can easily check on your loved one when they leave the house. If they get lost or need help, you can see their coordinates right in your phone app and easily send help. 

  1. Grows with the Medical Needs of the Patient

Eventually, Anne’s husband passed away of cancer, and her own condition digressed. She was able to live with her son and daughter-in-law, but her safety and health were a constant stress point. Her daughter-in-law once commented that getting Anne to eat was challenging. “She just eats Teddy Grahams all day,” she said. “But at least she’s eating! They were in survival mode. If it worked, it was enough.  There comes a point where just fall detection and door sensors are not enough, and seniors need medical monitoring. Sadly, this is where many seniors lose their independence and have to enter nursing homes. However, this is where non-intrusive medical monitoring comes in. It allows seniors to age in place, in their own houses and surrounded by the people they love.

Technology like a watch sensor that monitors heart rate - sensing spikes and potential strokes, UTI sensors in the toilet and a monitoring system that analyzes would-be health risks are all vital to keeping seniors where they want to be longer. What would have been the equivalent of a live-in nurse a few years ago, now allows seniors to have their vitals checked by staff instantly simply by a device worn on their wrist. 

This is why Zanthion has developed a system for seniors that will help their families and caretakers ensure their safety, monitor their symptoms and allow them to stay active longer. Complete and user-friendly, the Zanthion system will adjust to individual needs, help caretakers perform better, and allow seniors and to live fuller and richer lives in their homes and close to the people they care about.


The Story of Zanthion – Startup Chapter 6 – Strategy and Going to Market

Startup Chapter 6 – Strategy and Going to Market


Powered by Zanthion

Startup Chapter 6 – Strategy and Going to Market

July 15th, 2019

In the last couple of weeks, our sensor technology has solidified so that all our sensors connect 24 x 7 and allow us to perform aggregated analysis on their combined inputs.  I am personally excited about our water sensor that sits in the shower and our toilet sensor that is used to predict UTI infections. It is amazing to see our SMART Watch lasting 18 hours on a full battery charge pushing data at 50 messages a second through our analytics.  John Hagelgans is testing his design for spinning up a set of containers for our complete system for dev, test, and on-site prod. He has included in his design our backup strategy and ability to scale. Steven Rudenko has discovered a new algorithm that methodology ensuring our BLE connections connect much faster and endure under all circumstances.  Viktor Ponomarenko has implemented three sensors in the last two weeks rounding out our sensor set with smoke, gas, water and a new temperature and humidity sensor. Viktor has fixed more than 50 bugs in the last two weeks and continues to be one of the most productive and easy to work with programmers I have enjoyed working with for 35 years. Jeff has sourced our incredible no-hassle install and produced some of the most beautiful marketing material I have ever seen.  John Sebesta has implemented our products categories throughout our financial and inventory system and procured the best startup lawyers in the country to ensure we are squeaky clean going into sales and expansion. I am incredibly proud of our team and enjoy getting up every day and working with them.

As a team, we have met several times to define our target markets and our messages in each market.  Some of Jeff’s genius showed through when he branded our product line and discussed the markets and his experience as to what community owners were looking for.  I have included his rough draft of our new Aging In Place brochure with this blog.

We have given ourselves a release date of August 1st.  What that means to us is that we will start selling a polished product that easily exceeds the capabilities of any product in the market today.  The companies we are competing with were funded by technology VCs and are owned and operated by doctors, computer professionals and experienced hotel businessmen.   The funding levels start at $20 million dollars. We are bringing our product to market on the backs of 4 years of dedicated engineers and businessmen and possibly $600k in self-funded investment.  

At heart, to a man, Zanthion is conceived and created to change the value proposition of American business.  We are in business to provide unquestionable value and prove to ourselves that businesses can respect their customers, charge fair prices, respect their partners, and treat every man and woman working with us with kindness and fairness.  We believe in each other and America and believe that we can not only be a viable business but be the business that captures the heart and hopes of America. We are doing what we do, sacrifice money that our families could use, because Americans need this. We all need to see that doing the right thing, treating people fairly, and being dedicated can produce a giant success without the smoke and mirrors we have all been duped into believing is required.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://zanthion.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/SMART-Living-Aging-in-Place.pdf” title=”SMART Living – Aging in Place”]

Wish us luck in years to come.

SMART Room Box
SMART Room Box
Android Tablet Gateway
Android Tablet Gateway

The Story of Zanthion – Startup Chapter 5 – Accelerating to the Finish

Startup Chapter 5 – Accelerating to the Finish


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Startup Chapter 5 – Accelerating to the Finish

June 26th, 2019


Our last startup blog was on June 14th, 2019.  John Hagelgans had just joined our team as the CTO and we were stoked for how much he brought to the table.  We were not wrong. In the three weeks since he has joined John has spun up a few microservers on Amazon and is using them to run backup scripts for our database, and is currently working to create containers that we can use to spin up and down dev, test, prod, and customer on location systems.  


In our last post, we talked about the story of Team. Once you have “Team” it does not suddenly quit working.  “Team” keeps on giving throughout the lifetime of your company. In our case acquiring John Hagelgans positioned us to look for a CFO and with a great fortune, we were lucky enough to land John Sebesta who brings experience as a business manager and international negotiator in a Fortune 50 company as well as startup experience both as a co-founding team member and advisor.  Working in Guatemala for Alterna Impact, John worked with entrepreneurs to develop and grow their social businesses which included developing their financial strategies, curriculum and tools to help their businesses succeed as well as providing thought leadership. 


In his first two weeks, John contacted Michael Platt of Cooley LLC, the leading startup law firm in the United State recommended to us by Brad Feld.  Our goal with Cooley is to get our corporate ducks in a row and make sure that we are 100% ready for capital acquisition. That is not all that John has done.  He has in two short weeks benefitted to the Team bringing a new extremely intelligent disciplined financial perspective. With that perspective, he is simplifying our chart of accounts to maximize our capitalization of R&D spend and to allow us to understand our business at a glance.   


Today we have $ 25,904.14.   Two weeks ago we had $35,318 in our account.  We have spent that money on test inventory so that every person in our company is running our monitoring system 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Since our last blog, we have extended the life of our incredible SMART Watches to 23 hours with full activity tracking, automatic fall detection, wandering notification, real-time heart rate monitoring every 5 minutes, auto-answer and GPS.  In this short two weeks, we have added smoke sensors, gas sensors, water sensors, a new wrist-worn activity sensor, enhanced the stability of new installations tremendously, and automated settings for how active people are, how soft their beds are, and what ours they expect to be awake and asleep.  

Since two weeks ago we have checked 8 new commits into our API bitbucket repository and updated our gateway android repository 6 times. 


In the last two weeks, we have a complete packaging system with the beginning of our kitting operation in DearSystems and a solid plan on automating the order, inventory, configuration, and installation process.  When our systems arrive at a doorstep there is no configuration required. All that is necessary is to pull the sensors out of the box and put them on the wall and wear the watch. From there on in Zanthion will carry the ball for you.


We are the BEST TEAM!

The Story of Zanthion – Startup Chapter 4 – Zanthion Team

Startup Chapter 4 – Zanthion Team


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Jeff, our COO, and I often have conversations centered around how running a company and participating in the competition of business is the same as our experience playing sports over the years.  4 out of 5 of our executive team are or were athletes that competed over an extended period of time.

There are a lot of reasons to play sports, but for most of us who do it seriously, we are adrenalin junkies who love the ebb and flow of the game.  You learn very quickly in team sports that the synergy of the team is everything. If you want to hold the court day in and day out, regardless of individual circumstances, who you play with and how you play together is the heart of the game.  

The story of Zanthion for the last three weeks is a story of the power of “team”.  Three weeks ago on May 25th Zanthion had $42,639.10 in our bank account. Today we have $ 35,318.56.   Stepan, we call him Steven, our director of software engineering, and I have invested over 4 ½ years in developing a comprehensive open architecture flexible extensible IoT platform for elderly care.  

Three months ago Jeff Robinson joined our team as the Chief Operating Officer with over 25 years in medical device and elderly care.  Every team needs a playmaker, the guy that dribbles into the opposition, forces a double team, and dishes to the open man. Jeff is our playmaker.  From day one his efforts took Steven and my engineering to a new level by sourcing read and broadcast sensors at a fifth of the price we were paying and 10x the battery life.  In a short 3 months, he found 12-hour full android watches that auto answered callers and worked seamlessly with our platform for fall and wandering protection at a price far below industry standards for a watch of the quality he found.

Three weeks ago our team consisted of me, Jeff Robinson, Stepan Rudenko our director of software engineering, and Viktor Ponomarenko our expert mobile application developer.  Steven and I had been struggling with the resource issue we had of paying for and supporting the most functional cost effective IoT elderly care system anywhere. When Jeff joined our team he immediately recognized the bottleneck and we set out to build out our technology team so that I could spend more time developing the business and procuring capital.  We placed a job in Indeed.com for a CTO and constructed a strategy for gaiting any potential candidates. We knew after a lot of pain and anguish that we needed a player we could count on being there during the good times and bad times and who was willing to invest in the company practicing before expecting a payout. We engineered a sophisticated gating mechanism for their CTO hire involving logic tests, measurement of their personal investment in elderly care, measuring their proactiveness, determining their willingness to provide value first, and last and most importantly, their integrity and capability.

Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.  John exemplifies integrity and Zanthion is lucky to have gotten all three in a great leader.

Jeff and I filtered through 75 candidates in 7 weeks:

  • They took a logic test, only three out of 75 candidates got an expert rating
  • We asked them for the reason they were requesting to work with us, we wanted someone that cared about the state of the world and specifically elderly
  • We asked about technical skills, as a manager were they still coding daily
  • We asked what they expected in pay and were looking for someone that would show us what they could do before asking for money
  • Lastly, we checked into their integrity, did they say what they would do and do what they said

At the end of our 7 weeks of interviews, John Hagelgans sent in his resume after receiving an expert score on the logic test.  He had started and run startups, been programming for over 30 years, and had just exited a 65 million valuation startup as their CTO.  He was looking for something new. We loved him. He is an easy going, team player with a lot of “hit the ground running” experience. That was 3 weeks ago.  He immediately spun up some servers on Amazon and scripted backups for our databases. This last week he implemented Terraform so that we could spin up dev, test, prod and customer platforms at the push of a button.  John is awesome.

While John was spinning up Terraform and backups we were pumping out code to support broadcast sensors Jeff had sourced and a new amazing 4g Full Android Watch that Steven had increased the battery life on from 3 hours to 12.  The Zanthion Platform is 20 man years of work developed by 2 people with help on and off over time from others. It is extremely complex. We have been fast-breaking our competition for years. Every once in a while one of us trips and falls. Zanthion is competing against the biggest players in the industry; companies like Google, Amazon, SimpliSafe, and on and on.  For us to go to market with a far superior product we don’t get to take breaks or miss the fast break. We always have to perform at the top of our game. That is why it is so critical to have team players because we watch each other’s backs. We know when one of us has pushed their personal life too far or is stressed by whatever new challenge we are enduring. In those times, because we are very deep in experience, one or all of us rally, pick up the injured player and win the point.  

With the acquisition of John and our impending market introduction, our team needs to protect our investment before going to market by investing in a CFO who can align our stock offering, put our accounting in order, and develop a strategy for capital acquisition.  While I was visiting my sons in Colorado I ran into an old friend of the family and friends of my eldest son, John Sebesta. I’ve known John for over 14 years, played soccer with him, watched him graduate at the top of his class, heard of his engineering exploits, spoken to him about his experience working at Lockheed Martin negotiating contracts, and before this last meeting his soon to be exploits starting and running a business in South America.  John is one of those rare team player geniuses that always improves a team with his energy and intellect. We are in negotiations with him to become our CFO with hopes he will join us full time in a couple of months.

While all this was going on, we missed a few blocks, tripped a couple of times down the court and made some passing errors.  Specifically, our gateway has had 3 releases in the last 3 weeks. The last one broke the read sensors. It will be fixed by this afternoon.  I made a copy command for our complex event technology that deleted some key events in our test communities and this too will be fixed by the end of the day.  On the bright side we discovered that we will be able to install into the vast majority of home security company homes, that is 34 million homes, use their existing sensors, combine their output with our event technology and wearables and deliver unprecedented understanding of the occupants health and notify family, friends, medical staff, and emergency services of falls, health issues, wandering, and break-ins.

We are a TEAM!

The Story of Zanthion – Chapter 3 – Zanthion In The Future

Startup Chapter 3 – Zanthion In The Future


Powered by Zanthion

Of course, we cannot predict the future.  What we can do is tell you how Zanthion is making a better future, and why.  Before that, it is very important to understand that we here at Zanthion believe that how you treat your old and your young are the key indicators of the quality of life in your society.  In our opinion, the quality of life in American society is dismal and reprehensible. It is not that people don’t work hard or have good intentions, it is that they have been misled by advertising, in all forms, to believe that what is important to them makes for a better world.  Just as the magicians selling snake oil did hundreds of years ago, governments and businesses have done today, distracting us all, while taking our money for entertainment. An illusionist and magician live and die on focusing your attention on the moment and making you ignore the process that is your claim to a better future.

The quality of our lives and the lives of those around us does not depend on entertaining ourselves but on how we treat ourselves and those around us.  We must arm for war but be generous of spirit. We must live in the here and now, but plan for the future. Most of all, we must show appreciation and thanks to those who have given, and those who will sustain, our old and our young.  Zanthion was formed to create a better future by integrating seniors back into our economy and our lives. We believe that seniors bring with them perspective, the quality that knocks the edges off short term thinking societies and polishes the gem of existence for a fruitful future.  This quality can be easily seen in any society that practices filial piety where age and wisdom are respected for what they are, the long term investment of themselves to better the future for all.

In western cultures, accomplishment and success are often equated with money and power.  This is the natural consequence of capitalism and is not necessarily a bad thing. It does come with unintended consequences.  Some of those consequences could not have been foreseen or even if they were foreseen were not avoided. In America, vast swaths of our country have zoning laws that isolate our seniors by placing stores and convenience a fair distance from where our seniors live.  As we age our eyesight diminishes and we eventually lose our ability to drive safely isolating us even with access to crowdsourced transportation services. There is an unintended consequence that comes with a lack of social meeting places and the increased level of difficulty in getting to public places.  The unintended consequences are lack of participation, lack of familiarity, loss of comfort, loneliness, and sometimes abject fear on the part of seniors.

With the advent of social policy changes in the 60s distribution of income from the young to the old shifted to the distribution of income from the young to the old and the troubled.  This realignment of income distribution in conjunction with two working adults per household, the father and the mother, left less money in the coffers for distribution to the old and isolated seniors through the lack of companionship that was available before World War II.  It is, in fact, the perfect storm because not only are seniors isolated, medical science has increased their longevity while diminishing their capabilities with fewer resources available to serve them. Without change, seniors will starve in their homes in the thousands in the years to come.

Of course, seniors will not die of starvation in their homes because companies like Zanthion will deliver just in time services to them.  We have a prioritized list of the current and future needs of seniors aging at home and in care facilities. Our list is all-inclusive taking into account demographic shifts in workers and seniors and includes the impact of science that is extending senior’s lives and augmenting senior capabilities.

Zanthion is an open architected platform as a service designed to measure, predict, and deliver the highest quality, lowest cost service to the people who deserve it the most, seniors. We source sensors of all kinds; motion sensors, light sensors, open sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors, bed exit sensors, heart rate sensors, oxygen sensors, and a future of joint and protein sensors that determine a person’s internal and environmental health.  

We can provide data to support if a senior may have an infection, is lost or wandering, has cognitive issues, is sleeping well, is frustrated, is lonely, or needs help. We notify the people and services best suited to help resolve whatever needs seniors may have, whether it be family and friends, medical services, or community members willing to work for or assist in helping them with a shower or delivering groceries.

That is not the full extent of what we do. We have sophisticated analytics that look at communities as a whole and measure their performance against each other in terms of response times, arrival times and resolution times. Every answered or automated request can have a comprehensive assessment associated with the event that correlates conditions with the cause. We know the power of the human in the AI confirmation and use human brilliance to confirm and defy expectations.

Zanthion is the future!


The Story of Zanthion – Chapter 2 – In The Beginning

Startup Chapter 2 – Chimera IoT In The Beginning


Powered by Zanthion

Years ago now, in 2014, a senior engineer at Sun Edison had an idea on how to use high bandwidth messaging for IoT and wanted to start a company called Chimera IoT.  He approached Philip Regenie the current CEO of Zanthion and asked him if he would help him start the business. He had already contacted Ken Foster of Momenta Partners and arranged a meeting in Palo Alto to discuss his idea and the IoT potential of messaging.  Ken Foster told them that there were no legs in messaging. This was before Slack whose valuation currently stands at $7.1 Billion.  The core team dropped its focus on messaging and started focusing on IoT.

Lesson Number 1 – Never listen to investors or know-it-alls.  What they look for is who is already doing it and how.

While working for Sun Edison Phil had proposed they use used phones for gateways in the field with automatic failover from one phone to another.  He recommended this because you could purchase robust used Android phones for $29.95 with a lot of processing power, built-in cellular, WiFi, and BLE, all functions being designed into the new Sun Edison Gateway selling for $119.95.  With Android Play Store Sun Edison could leverage their provisioning and dispositioning of devices in the field making it less expensive to maintain their systems.

Lesson Number 2 – Look for low-cost open source solutions that leverage a huge ecosystem of R&D with a known distribution channel.

Sun Edison didn’t take this advice but Chimera IoT did and decided it should be a core principle for all their future development.  They went looking for the best Android BLE engineers in the business and acquired as their partner Steven Rudenko who is sometimes CTO and always the Director of Software Development for Zanthion.

While working at Sun Edison, Phil was set with the task of optimizing the relationship between R&D and the enterprise control room.  After a short week of analysis, it became obvious that the first thing that must be done is to measure the performance of the control room and of the service being provided to it in order to support their requirements.  Those measurements were an instant black eye for both the operations center and the R&D team supporting them. The operations center delivered poorly defined specifications for their needs to the R&D team and the R&D team wrote software that was ill-aligned with customer care objectives.  In fact, customer satisfaction relied on a broken paradigm of operation center attendants looking at huge displays of performance, analyzing hierarchical alarms, dissecting problems on remote gateways, and making calls to roll trucks to fix issues in remote solar fields regardless of the cost of the truck roll and what was fixed in the field.

Lesson Number 3 – Understand what are the system problems and measure everything related to them.

Phil suggested that they do economic analysis on the prioritization for the customer based on the total revenue generated for Sun Edison and total expected future revenue and the cost of revenue being lost to the companies with equipment and communication failures.  He also suggested that with this data in hand you could roll trucks automatically with routing software to optimize their utilization.

Lesson Number 4 –  People’s time is your most valuable commodity.  Use it wisely and automate everything for just in time delivery that you can.

These ideas were not adopted by Sun Edison but were built into the product design for Zanthion.  It is, in fact, where the notion of crowdsourcing responses came from. Zanthion made it a priority to automatically notify the nearest stakeholders to a seniors problem who have compassion for that individual.  Phil had learned that for seniors when there were disastrous events such as falls or sickness one of the most negatively impactful causes for future health was the length of time to first touch by someone that is connected to the senior.

Phil has worked in technology for over 35 years and in that time been a part of quality control initiatives for Honeywell, Intel, UBS, AT&T, and medical clinics.  Quality control for all of them required some of the same easily performed basic principles:

  1. Measure the qualities that determine the effectiveness of a system
  2. Have a process for identifying root causes
  3. Identify root causes
  4. Measure the components in the system considered to be a part of the root cause
  5. Prioritize issues by corporate values
  6. Decide on an effective method for fixing the top issue
  7. Implement the method
  8. Measure the components, resource usage, and system
  9. Predict future issues
  10. Go back to step 1
Lesson Number 5 –  Design into every product quality control, root cause analysis, and predictive analytics.

The technical initiatives of collecting data from sensors, ensuring quality data, and transporting the data were achieved in a relatively short time by the team.  It was found out years later that the engineer who had started the company had stolen the messaging code off a web site and although he claimed origination the code was 95% completed when he downloaded it.

Fortunately for Chimera IoT, his wife got involved in the business by intercepting his phone calls and demanded that he leave the company and get 10% of the stock after just 3 months of work.  The team was devastated but saved from an ineffective CTO with integrity issues running a future corporation. Phil doesn’t like to quit on anything when it gets hard so he doubled down and started fishing for employees.

There is a reason Sun Edison went bankrupt, they suffered from financial and technical corruption.  Phil knew about the financial corruption but it took him a year and a half to understand what technical corruption is.  He learned this lesson by hiring person after an ineffective person from Sun Edison for technical staff. To a person, they would take on a task and serve themselves while learning what they wanted to leverage their next job.  Not a single person except for Steven Rudenko in the first hires put the needs of the company in front of their own needs regardless of stock options or salary. In 2 years Chimera IoT went through 14 employees and 9 board members.  Although some of our board members were incredibly valuable like Paul Hoffman and Michael Wi, the majority were coasting on their name and provided no actual value to Chimera IoT. They were more than happy to take stock but unwilling to work for what they were paid.

Lesson Number 6 –  People invest in an idea equal to the amount of skin they have in the game.  Many are more than willing to take something and give nothing.

During the formidable period of Chimera IoT Philip’s mother was dying.  She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure when she was 89 years old before Phil moved to California and took the job with Sun Edison.  In fact, the reason he moved to California was to take care of his mother. It turned out she took more care of him, but that is another story. Phil’s mom took the path into old age that many will take.  When her eyesight started going she stopped driving. As she aged she fell occasionally which made her walk less frequently. As the cycle continued Phil heard the phrase often, “I feel like a bird on a perch.”  His mother, like so many seniors, was trapped on her couch waiting for input from the world, her remote in hand, the TV blaring, living in the malaise of age. The rest of us go on with our lives but for seniors, they wait for the warm hand to open the cage door and reach in for that moment of care.

Like so many others with aging parents, Phil found his mom on the floor, with her emergency pendant pinned beneath her body when he got up in the morning to get ready for work.  She had been in her bedroom on the floor for over 8 hours. Phil had gone to bed after kissing her goodnight and watched TV and falling asleep.  He never heard her call for help.  These incidents, the incidents that happen in senior’s lives that steal their faith in themselves and strip them of dignity, can be overcome with technology and social process.

That is the goal of Zanthion, to put dignity in the lives of senior’s and their family till the day they die.

Lesson Number 7 –  We will all grow old and die someday.  Let’s make the trip enjoyable.


Philip Regenie – Founder and CEO – May 28, 2019



Chapter 3 – coming June 4th…

Chapter 1 – Zanthion Today


The Story of Zanthion – Chapter 1 – Today

Startup Chapter 1 – Zanthion Today


Powered by Zanthion

We have decided to chronicle our journey as a startup so that others can benefit from the lessons we have learned.  Our journey has been filled with joy and some disappointment. This is our story. Chapter 1 is about where we are today and why.

Today, Zanthion is poised for launch within the next 30 days to enter the senior quality of life predictive analytics market with healthcare predictive analytics having a CAGR of 29.3% and a total market value of 1.48 billion.  Zanthion’s main emphasis for the first year is to limit falls and sepsis through predictive analytics with a combined market value of 14.39 billion by 2025.

Our recent validation as a company has come in many forms the first of which was the acquisition of a new incredibly gifted COO (J), with 25 years experience in medical technology and senior care.  He inquired about the company 3 months ago and joined the next day. His input has congealed 4 ½ years of effort and the technical foundation into a machine ready for market.

Shortly after J joined, inquiries started coming in from companies seeking to pivot home alarm companies into senior citizen-oriented quality of life companies, staffing agencies for senior care facilities, and international companies asking for platforms to support their home health agency just in time delivery of service.  We even had television personalities calling us for a home shopping network.

Some of those calls were calls from people and companies seeking to leverage our hard work with what they believed was a differentiator in the marketplace.  One such company felt that we should allocate significant Zanthion stock and strike a partnership because they had established baseline measurements for the health signs that indicate frailty and [soon to be] falls.  Of course, that data is easily available through academic and industry research papers and a portion of your company does not need to be relinquished to acquire it. Furthermore, sensor-based and habit-based artificial intelligence is not reliant on a baseline.  Those same companies pitched us on their existing call center as a deal breaker. Those, too, are easily purchased and set up in our modern world.

An alarm company called us and asked us if we could provide support for their already existing pendant and home alarm sensors which used GPRS, phone technology, to handle all alarms.  We indicated that we could do that but it would require at least a half of work or 3 people 2 months at $125k. For that price he wanted us to provide our backbone provisioning, maintenance, analytics, and responder products for $1 a month per subscription and tried to negotiate the $125k down to $36k.  This kind of bartering is counterproductive for a small company.

Because we suddenly were exhibiting high demand for our platform J and I decided we needed to augment our 5 man team with a new CTO.  We placed a job posting on Indeed.com outlining our exact needs, our current ability to pay, and the company status. We received 63 applicants many from mainstream corporate America with prior CTO and business owner titles.  We asked CTO applicants to take the indeed Logic and Critical Thinking exam and received expert qualifications on 2 of 63 applicants. This was extremely disappointing as we expected a much better showing logically from CTO candidates.

These cases are examples of growing pains and the disappointments that are part of a growing company.  What we learned from them was how to quickly differentiate the real from the unreal. Being able to differentiate the real from the unreal, the opportunity from the misdirection, reasonable funding vs unreasonable funding, valid functions vs invalid functions, and on and on is what ends up being the most important part of what startup leaders to.  We avoid spinning our wheels as much as possible.

We are extremely confident in our products ability to provide value to a tremendous community of seniors and their families with watches that detect falls and notify others of wandering and a complete fixed BLE sensor line integrated with our wearable technology.  Today, we applied for loans for $250,000 in order to purchase inventory to package and sell into the marketplace. Every company worth their salt reaches the point where they need revenue to get loans and loans to get revenue. This is where most startups take venture capital.  They seek venture capital because they have been churning in the chicken and the egg scenario long enough where they are losing the market opportunity and they know that if they do not act they will lose their market. We are fortunate. Our market is considerable and there are still lenders who understand the value of our market and it’s potential.  When finance companies take the chance on companies like Zanthion they are leveraging a small loan into hundreds of millions of dollars of future financing. It is a smart move. Soon we will launch the most comprehensive senior quality of life product in the market today enhancing the quality of life for millions of families in the years to come.  We are thankful to everyone that has helped us make this happen.

Philip Regenie – Founder and CEO – May 20, 2019



Chapter 2 – coming May 27th


A Day in the Life of a Zanthion Senior Community



Quality of Life for Everyone

A Day in the Life of a Zanthion Community

By Philip Regenie on August 18, 2018


Soft Senior Protective Pants

Wednesday is a busy day in the Zanthion community, after waking from a good night sleep residents can enjoy the breakfast of the day, participate in afternoon activities, and dine with their family, all with the support of community staff enabled by Zanthion.  When Agnus wakes up after a great night sleep in a Zanthion Community her Android Large Screen TV turns on automatically, her bed exit alarm has indicated she is awake,  and shows her the breakfast of the day and images of her family. Agnus reaches over and takes her Zanthion Protective Pants off the clothes rack near her bed, highly breathable stain resistant pants with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.  Although overweight she was diagnosed as Frail, using the Frailty Index for Elders, and slips into her Zanthion SMART Pants with an internal reinforced glut and waist strap for easy stand assists. 

Her pants have a Zanthion SMART Activity sensor built into them ensuring that if she forgets her necklace or doesn’t wear her watch she is still confident that help will arrive if she slips and can’t get up.  The Zanthion Platform will inform her circle of help that she has fallen and requires help. 

Bed Exit and Temperature Sensor
Mi Box Android TV

Today is difficult strength morning so she says, “OK Zanthion, I need help,” requesting an assist getting off the bed and into her walker. The Full Android Zanthion Gateway and responds to verbal commands. On the main event monitor for the assisted living community Agnus’s HELP request scrolls to the top of the dashboard and turn red.  At the same time the total number of help requests for the community and for Agnus is incremented by one. The number of help requests, falls, soiling events, window opens, and bed exits are all displayed per period of time.

The Staff of the Community and her friends get the request for help on their mobile devices.  The main dashboard for the community shows a request for help. Her friend in the room next door and George on staff both indicate they are responding to help Agnus.  All other staff can see they have responded and how long it will take them to aid her. Her friend arrives first pressing ARRIVED on her mobile phone and greets Agnus as she always does with, “How’s it going girl?”,  and sits down in the chair near the bed. George arrives 1 minute later pressing ARRIVED on his tablet and greets Agnes and Dorothy her friend. George asks Agnus how he can help and she indicates help up from the bed.

Agnus Requests Help

George presses the HELP UP radio button on the assessment form popped up on his tablet when he pressed ARRIVED. George is a professional setting up the walker and positioning himself to use the help straps located at the hip on Agnus’s pants.  Since the pants have begun to be used in the community workman's comp claims have decreased by over 80% and breaks due to falls have decreased by 40%. 

George wishes Agnus and Dorothy a good day and RESPONDS to the new CHANGE REQUIRED event on his tablet from Susie, another resident.  A change required event is sent when a community member is wearing pull ups and the Zanthion SMART Adult Pull Up. The pull up has a Zanthion SMART Sensor attached to it which sends a CHANGE REQUEST event when there is a soiling event.  Lucy, another staff member,  also RESPONDED to the request from Susie.  Lucy and Susie have been friends for years.  She initiates a chat with George and writes, “I got this.”  George checks in on his tablet to see how Susie is doing. She completed the change required in just 2 minutes.  Very impressive results lowering the number of sepsis incidents in the community by over 30% in two years.

Susie and Agnus head off towards the special breakfast of the day, eggs benedict.  As they move down the hallway images of what they are interested in and their family appear on the TVs mounted on the walls.  Their BLE sensors act as tags uniquely identifying them so that streaming images from their personal folders arrive at the monitors as they pass by.  All hallway TVs are voice activated allowing any resident to request help or ask for a weather report as they pass by. 

As Agnus and Dorothy are walking Dorothy slips and falls, as is the case with seniors.  Agnus asks her, “Are you alright, dear?” Dorothy says, “These pants are incredible. It hurt a little bit but no problem.” On the community dashboard the FALL alert lit up and all the staff are notified. In fact Agnus’s watch is ringing telling her that Dorothy fell.


 George is just around the corner so RESPONDS to the alert and shows up within 1 minute. His response time is recorded and aggregated as a performance metric for himself for the day, week and year and for the whole community as a whole. His average response time is 43 seconds.  He is the top performer in the community and in fact, the company as a whole. That wins George an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii every year for he and his wife. The automation of event data, when they occurred, who responded, how quickly they responded, and their assessments have saved the community 4% on their liability insurance payments for the last 3 years.  More importantly, the families of the community members, are informed of incidents as they occur along with the response data, and have responded by lowering the number of legal actions against the community by 30%.

George helps Dorothy up, fills out the fall assessment,  and get’s her on her way without incidence. It’s 8:30 am and time for the morning staff meeting in the community.  

Dashboard Activity

Every morning the Zanthion Community has a staff meeting reviewing data from the previous day.  The report shows number of falls, reasons for falls, help requests, reasons for help requests, number of showers, number of changes, false help requests, injuries to residents, staff reported injuries, and satisfaction assessments, residents whose activity is decreasing, residents who are no longer going as far from their center, and residents who are starting to wander or suffer cognitive impairment.  The time to resolution is 1:23 seconds with a community target of 1 minute. Staff and administration discuss ways to achieve the best performance in the industry based on assessment data and resource allocation. They also discuss residents who need special supervision and how to optimize their health.

When Aguns and Dorothy arrive at the breakfast hall everyone is excited about the Fashion Show at 10:00am.  A Zanthion Independent Consultant is putting on a fashion show followed by a sleep education seminar. Both Agnus and Dorothy are in the fashion show sporting Zanthion SMART Skirts, Pants, and Sweaters.  Each fashion show has a different theme with a red carpet, music from their generation, great lighting, models from the community and the independent consultant as an announcer. Seniors can sign up to be consultants and buy new jewelry with embedded sensors, protective clothing with sensors, and participate in educational programs about nutrition, sleep and exercise.

ReSound LiNX Quattro ™

New products such as the ReSound LiNX Quattro™ hearing aid that is completely integrated in the Zanthion environment or the new voice commands to request a ride or help a child learn to read are discussed. Harry, who sits at their breakfast table, has been listening intently to their conversation and tells them, “Ever since I got these new hearing aids and the Zanthion Watch my life has changed.  I can hear everything everyone says. The watch listens to the conversation and sends the enhanced signal to my ReSound hearing aids. It’s changed my life.”

 Harry pushes the help button in his pocket so that someone can walk with him back to his room. He has macular degeneration and doesn’t see as well as he used to. He is looking forward to listening to some jazz and listening a chapter of “On Walden Pond” one of his favorite books.  All has to do when he gets back to his room is ask Alexa for Miles Davis and ask google to read “On Walden Pond”.

Amazon Echo 2

After the fashion show Agnus and Dorothy head back to their rooms where they usually request Android connect to their sons and daughters and have a video call.  As Agnus opens the door to her room the lights and TV come on. She says, “Alexa, Play Beethoven,” and soft Beethoven comes on in the background. She then says, “Ok Google, Call Johnny,” her son.  Android TV uses Google Duo loaded by Zanthion on her player. Johnny answers and watches his mom sit down slowly in the chair in front of the TV.

Johnny checks the Zanthion Dashboard on his phone everyday to see how his mom is doing and has noticed that she has not been walking as much lately and says, “Good afternoon mom.  I am coming over taking you for a walk after work today. Are you up for that?”

Agnus says, “That would be great.  I need it.”

Down the hall from Agnus is Tom who has been showing signs of mental deterioration.  The Zanthion Community has organized his room to look like his home. Android TV has been programmed with Channels for TV series that he enjoyed while a young man along with images from his family.  Tom wears the Zanthion SMART Watch with GPS and geo-fencing. He has access to the outdoors and even short walks about the neighborhood. Management likes to watch his activity and is informed when he leaves his room and wanders past a perimeter outside the resident facilities.  When he has been gone more than an hour an alarm is sent to staff who can see where he is located on their phones and give him a call to see if he is alright. Tom can answer the call on his watch with voice commands. The Zanthion Community sends someone out to collect Tom and bring him home when he does not answer.  Some of the neighbors Tom knows in the neighborhood have the Zanthion Client loaded on their phones and are notified he is out and about also. Occasionally they go outside and walk him back to the community.

That evening Johnny showed up to take his mom for a walk.  Agnus loves to keep track of her activity and heart rate so she put on her watch and off they went.  Johnny knows to take it easy on her and when her heart rate gets over 130 beats a minute.

Neighbor Wandering Warning
Zanthion SMART Motion

Showers and nighttime are challenging times for most communities.   This particular evening Agnus entered the shower at 9:30 pm as registered by the motion detectors in the bathroom.  At 10:15 pm there was not movement in the shower or her rain and the door to bathroom was still closed. All these were indicated on the main dashboard for the community.  An alarm was fired off to the friends of Agnus and staff at 10:16 pm. Dorothy was the first to find her friend on the floor of the bathroom. She held her hand till George arrived.  George requested emergency services when Agnus was unresponsive. Johnny showed up at the hospital at the same time as the ambulance and was happy to see his mom awake and aware. She had passed out getting out of the shower.  Fortunately she suffered no major injuries when falling to the floor. Everyone was thankful that the Zanthion Motion sensors protected her privacy while notifying concerned that something must be wrong.


This technology is available today with complete support throughout the lifecycle of ownership.


Latest News

Markets Insider News

Markets Insider mentioned Zanthion in an article about the rising rate of fall-related deaths in the United States.  The article Zanthion: U.S. Seniors' Fall-Related Deaths Up 31%, Causing Nearly $750M in Medicare Costs  mentioned how technology has solutions that can seriously impact the rate of fall-related deaths in a good way.

Digital Commerce 360

We wrote a follow-up article on what can be expected from the application of new technology on the quality of life in senior care picked up by Digital Commerce 360.  The article was titled Digital healthcare for seniors shouldn't have junior status clearly spells out the application of the various technologies including AI that will dramatically improve the quality of life for seniors and their families in the years to come.

A Better Life Now and in the Future

Quality of Life for Everyone

A Better Life Now and in the Future

There is a higher burden that is very challenging for low income families taking care  the elderly.

Without the financial resources to support elderly parents in an assisted living community or in home care, adult children are forced to either live with or close by a parent. In their care, there is a constant threat of an elderly parent having an event that might affect their health or safety. What if they are not there to help them?  They might fall in the middle of the night or wander into the neighborhood and get hurt or miss an appointment. Family, friends, and neighbors often help when caregivers are not available due to work or other commitments.  There is a community burden that is sometimes unmet?

One of the most threatening events for the elderly are injuries due to falls.

The Zanthion SMART Senior Home Care System is an extremely low cost, high value, solution for monitoring your parents or loved ones.  Our platform is an end-to-end service that uses sensors to securely collect the data (we never transport sensor data with personal data), and applications that communicate to multiple stakeholders such as family, friends, and neighbors. As America’s elderly population growth accelerates exponentially, remediating the impact of falls, bed sores/sepsis, etc., has significant ethical and financial impact.

With Zanthion setup time is a snap.  You can easily monitor your parents activity and there is a fall event, you can have multiple people notified via sms text, email, and a smart phone application.

We have a very high accuracy rate and minimize false positives or a false negative where someone falls and the system is not aware.  Any person in your  “community” can respond to an event and the application notifies everyone so there is coordination and communication.  Emergency services can also be requested via the app or via the attractive jewelry we provide with built in sensors.

Some shocking numbers

  • $30 billion is spent annually on healthcare related to falls. Medicare costs alone for hip fractures as a result of falls is projected to be 240 billion dollars by 2040.
  • The average cost of a fall injury was $19,440 (including hospital, nursing home, emergency room and home health care, but not physician services).
  • The Elder Fall Prevention Act has been passed by Congress for the development of effective public education, expansion of services and research on best practices.
  • About one third of the elder population over the age of 65 falls each year, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually.
  • As alarming as they are, these documented statistics fall short of the actual number since many incidents are unreported by seniors and unrecognized by family members or caregivers.
  • Frequent falling. Those who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again.
  • About half (53%) of the older adults who are discharged for fall-related hip fractures will experience another fall with in six months.

Fall Prevention

Some people think that the best thing to do if you’ve fallen, or if you’re afraid of falling, is to be less active. Why take the chance of falling again, right?  Research shows that seniors who are less active are more likely to fall, they lack the strength and balance and they need to resist falls.  This is why healthcare professionals recommend starting a regular exercise routine of any kind – even if you start by taking only a few steps every day.

Trazer Anticipated Costs of Senior Falls 2020 by http://www.trazer.com/applications/senior-health/
  • Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly 87% of all fractures in the elderly are due to falls.
  • Falls account for 25% of all hospital admissions, and 40% of all nursing home admissions 40% of those admitted do not return to independent living; 25% die within a year.
  • Many falls do not result in injuries, yet a large percentage of non-injured fallers (47%) cannot get up without assistance.
  • For the elderly who fall and are unable to get up on their own, the period of time spent immobile often affects their health outcome. Muscle cell breakdown starts to occur within 30-60 minutes of compression due to falling. Dehydration, pressure sores, hypothermia, and pneumonia are other complications that may result.
  • Getting help after an immobilizing fall improves the chance of survival by 80% and increases the likelihood of a return to independent living.Up to 40% of people who have a stroke have a serious fall within the next year.