Memory Care

HELPING Lower the Cost of Memory Care

Dementia and Alzheimer's have unique challenges associated with them. Limiting decline and enabling limited assisted living are two goals of the Zanthion Platform. We help accomplish this with a series of functional assets that control wandering and reinforce familiarity.

senior wearing SMART Watch

Wearable Monitoring

The Zanthion Watch is a Full Android Gateway and and Mobile Client with GPS, Indoor Positioning, cellular service, WiFi, voice control, and audio. Used in conjunction with our Environmental Sensors Zanthion limits wandering and if requested can even control door locks.

Motion Sensors

The Zanthion Motion Sensors are BLE sensors working in concert with our suit of sensors notifying caregivers of lack of movement if a senior enters a bathroom and does not leave or if there is no movement in the home during waking hours and the senior is home. Typically motion sensors are placed in rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and living areas. These sensors work in concert with our exit alarms and provide presence awareness and track movement.

Wall Motion Detector
Bed Exit

Bed Exit Alarm

The Zanthion bed exit alarm is attached anywhere on the bed frame or headboard with a velcro strip and is individually tailored providing the unobtrusive freedom seniors might need when waking in the middle of the night. With our bed exit alarm seniors can leave their bed for whatever timeframe has been specified. Monitoring hours are set between intervals so that those seniors who are late to bed need not worry. If a senior being monitored does not get back in bed within the specified timeframe a notification will be sent to their caregivers. The Zanthion Bed Exit Alarm stands out from all other bed exit alarms because it works in concert with our automatic fall detection, motion sensors, open/close door sensors, geo-fencing, and GPS to paint a picture of not only what and when, but where and why.

Voice Enabled Commands

Voice enabled commands are especially powerful for people suffering from mental decline.  Zanthion uses smart speaker technology for voice commands to request help and activate either ear buds or speakers.  Soothing music and appropriate directions can help a confused person calm down and find their way in a confusing environment.

Door Open Close Sensor

Open/Close Window and Door Sensors

Our Open/Close Window and Door Sensors can be installed on any window or door and work in concert with all our other sensors including those worn on the senior. Open/close sensors are battery operated and indicate when the batteries need to be replaced on our mobile application and dashboard.

Quality of Life For Everyone

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