Protective Clothing

Our product line starts with protective clothing designed to be comfortable, stain resistant, breathable, fashionable, and easy to put on and take off.  Our protective cloths don't require seniors to wear additional clothes or change their existing habits.  We use the most advanced protective materials to minimize damage to knees, hips, coccyx, elbows, and shoulders. 

SMART Help Locket

Help Button & Nurse Call

The Zanthion Help Button is easily programmed per resident to notify specific individuals or groups.  This is our crowdsourcing feature.  Unlike traditional help buttons and nurse call systems, the Zanthion Help Button registers the reason for the request with the push of the button and allows for assessments to be attached to the help button event.  All responses are measured and aggregated.

Activity & Health

Zanthion activity and health tracking is the future of senior health and safety.  Our system sends data from wearable sensors that are integrated with our environmental sensors at 22 messages a second recording analyzing motion, heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety. 

Automatic Fall Detection

Nursing homes require a unique level of care.  Our nursing home activity and nurse call system identifies the purpose of each call for help, by who, when and is flexible enough to allow management to associate assessments based on the reason for the call.  Staff performance, aggregated data by dates, types of incidents, assessments, and staff performance improve operational efficiencies and lower costs.

Zanthion SMART Motion

Environment Notifications

Our environment plays a critical part in our health.  The Zanthion Senior Care Platform knows where residents are, if the windows are open, if the refrigerator is too warm, if a resident left the bed and didn't return, if they took a shower and never exited the bathroom, and if their air quality is bad.

Zanthion SMART Watch

Dementia & Alzheimer's

The Zanthion Platform was specifically designed with dementia and Alzheimer's in mind.  We recognize that familiarity, nutrition, sleep, meditation, reading, and exercise are critical habits that help us minimize the damaging effects of dementia.


Crowd Sourcing Care

All Zanthion Products are shipped with the unique capability of crowdsourcing care through the Zanthion Crowdsourcing Notification System.The crowd sourcing system is unique as all permissions to an account must be accepted by the administrator of the system whether it is a household or community. Family, neighbors, and friends can request permission. Notifications are stratified by level of interaction: repsonders

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