At the heart of senior care is trust. Emergency responders, family, neighbors, and friends trust Zanthion to deliver quality notifications and services in times of emergency, times of desire, and times of need from our elderly monitoring devices.

Quality Of Life For Everyone

Our medical alert system with fall detection lowers the impact of taking care of our loved ones, protects them from harm, intervenes to avoid catastrophic damage, offers solace until help arrives, predicts the future with crowdsourced data, and connects seniors to the world and their community.


Our senior care app understands the environment and each wearer’s personalized lifestyle, recognizing a fall or if a window is left open and notifies their loved ones and those most capable of fixing the problem, like accepted neighbors, instantly.

There is much more to our medical alert system than fall detection. We analyze data about standing, sitting, walking, and gate, informing loved ones of a need for increasing care requirements.

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Beautiful Wearables

We understand that your senior loved one doesn’t want to wear a bulky medical monitoring device. They want to maintain their independence as much as possible, which is why we design our medical wearables for seniors to seamlessly fit into their personal style in the form of medical pendants and more.

What About Men?

Of course, we have not forgotten men. We know you wear stretch pants, belts, and have keys. That’s why we offer stylish leather key chains and leather containers that slide onto belts and clip to pants. We are constantly looking for wearable apparel that is individually tailored to meet the needs of men and women.

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