Protecting the Frail with Protective Clothing

Deaths due to falls has risen 31% in the last 10 years.  Zanthion introduced stylish Zanthion SMART Clothing to minimize the number of breaks and fractures that occur during falls and to provide fashionable comfortable stain resistant clothing for seniors on the go.  Zanthion SMART Clothing protects seniors from impact forces to the hip, knees, coccyx, elbow, and shoulder using the best scientifically engineered elastomeric materials in the world today.  Elastomeric materials distribute impact forces up to 90% over the surface area of the material minimizing impact forces and the number of breaks and fractures that would have otherwise occurred.

Zanthion tests every material used in our protective clothing to ensure that we are using state of the art shock absorption.  Most of our materials have been used in industrial applications to dampen impacts or in extreme sports to limit head injury. 

Have Clothing You Love and Wish Could Protect You?

Our goal at Zanthion is to deliver what you want and need in fashionable clothing. So, we understand that you might have an existing wardrobe or favorite clothes manufacturer. To make sure you are protected we offer three options:

Zanthion SMART Clothing Design History

Zanthion SMART Clothing is designed by a team of the best industrial design engineers in the world.  We started with the concept of Dignity First, meaning that we were interested in providing fashionable, comfortable clothing that was desirable to seniors.  We required fabrics that did not require ironing, that were stain resistant, and that breathed well.  We looked for waist band designs that were comfortable and easy to put on and take off.   Our engineers considered pant leg width, the number of pockets, and the weight of the material.  It was imperative that our protective designs be adaptable to a large number of patterns and sizes so that we can offer a wide range of styles that fit the personality of the person wearing our incredible clothing.


Invisible First

We wanted our designs to be invisible so that our adopters would not only be protected but look good.  This is one of our first models.  You can see that there is no indication that the clothing is protective at all.  This model has knee, hip, and coccyx protection built in.  Falling on any of those areas has a reduced impact force of more than 50%.  These pants offer some amazing benefits with or without the protective inserts with:

  • An elastic band for comfort and changes in body size
  • Breathable material for summer comfort
  • Stain resistant
  • No ironing required
  • Lots of pockets
  • Easily put on and taken off


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