SMART Communities Activity

Activity Monitoring

Activity monitors are everywhere, but seniors require more targeted functionality that communicate changes in pace and gait, how fast a senior sits down or gets up, how far away from their center of action they wander, how many steps they take in a day, what their heart rate is at what pace, and what their blood pressure is.  Zanthion makes this possible in realtime with monitoring dashboards for assisted living communities and event triggers that inform communities and families that there an interaction for improvement might be required. It can also inform seniors when they need to give their knees a rest or drink more water.

The Zanthion Watch is a fully operating Android Watch with GPS and complete activity monitoring.  Our backend services provide robust wandering mitigation through a scalable GIS architecture and easily implemented doorway alarms and geo-fencing.

Real-time Awareness

Mobile Monitoring

Staff, children, husbands, wives, and loved ones have real time visibility into a seniors current activity, if given permission, through our mobile monitoring application.  Our mobile client shows who is moving, who has requested help, and who is in need of immediate assistance.

Automatic Fall Detection

Automatic fall detection is a critical piece of the Zanthion architecture.  Unlike other vendors our detection algorithms are tailored to each individual and minimize false alerts.  Although our system can use central dispatch, it is designed to be flexible allowing participants to choose the notification mechanism allowing them to notify specific individuals, groups of individuals, or a central dispatch system.  This flexibility avoids the unnecessary need of provisioning emergency vehicles to minor falls with no injury.

Zanthion Mobile Client

Quality of Life For Everyone

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