SMART Communities Mental and Physical

Mental Health

Zanthion created an Independent Consultant network mirroring the Mary Kay objective of helping women succeed with the Zanthion objective of helping seniors live quality lives ensuring Quality of Life for Everyone.  Our independent consultants put on parties and fashion shows that promote health through environmental improvements, protective clothing, personal sensors, nutritional education, sleep education, and a sense of value and community.

Physical Health

Zanthion sensors monitor conditions, such as average number of steps, distance from their room, blood pressure and oxygen levels, and notify stakeholders if there is cause for concern.  Our wireless sensors can go where seniors go and communicate directly to their smart phones in realtime.  Wireless temperature sensors are also effective ways to keep track of refrigerator and room temperatures, which can help reduce food poisoning and ensure compliance with state laws.  

Future Health Technology

Zanthion will always deliver the latest technology advantage to our communities.  We are working on smart speakers that encourage voice commands such as "Alexa, I need a shower" and ergonomic earbuds used to play soothing sounds when a resident has an increased heart rate or anxious galvanic skin response to help calm them down. We are also excited about our adult brief sensors that indicate a need for intervention with soiling events, reducing urinary tract infections which sometimes lead to sepsis.

Quality of Life For Everyone

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Sign up and be a part of something great.