SMART Communities Safety


Emotional safety in seniors is enhanced through familiarity.  Every aspect of the Zanthion business model and platform reflect our recognition that familiarity stabilizes cognition and maintains equilibrium.  For that reason we crowdsource notifications to family, friends, and neighbors so that first touch can be by someone a senior knows in emergencies.

Environment Assessment

Accurately assessed and well designed environments ensure senior safety and mental well being by minimizing obstructions, minimizing potential disasters, ensuring regress, easing use, and maximizing happiness.  Zanthion provides safety checklists, helpful documentation on environmental considerations, environmental sensors with automatic notifications, inspection personnel where available,  and environment modification services where available.  Learn more...

Personal Safety

Personal safety ensures that no matter where you are and in what mental condition you are there are services to help you maintain your health and protect you from harm.  Zanthion ensures personal safety with realtime monitoring, prediction of needs, and environmentally responsive flooring and lighting.


The Zanthion Watch is a multi-purpose watch used for activity monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and geo-fencing for memory care residents. It is a full Android Watch capable of all functions an Android phone is capable of such as the use of Android Assistant. Find out more...

Wall Motion Detector

Environmental Monitoring

People don't just exist in a vacuum, we exist in our environment which effects us. True safety includes environmental awareness. Zanthion offers environmental sensors that measure air quality, motion detection, temperature, open and closed doors, shower presence, room presence, and so much more. All our sensors work together so that we can predict behavior and potential harmful circumstances.  Find out more...

Activity & Health Monitoring

The Zanthion activity monitoring, automatic fall detection, and automatic soil detection system is more than a monitoring and notification system.  Activity monitoring for Zanthion delivers unprecedented measurement granularity so that our AI predictive analytics can combine data from incoming sensors and determine if you need help before you know it.  Find out more...

Bed Exit Alarm

How should a bed exit alarm work? It should be there to benefit the senior who might fall, wander, or get lost. Our bed exit alarm won't trap a senior in bed for fear of leaving. The Zanthion bed exit alarm is programmable per individual and allows any amount of delay between when they exit the bed and get in. Best of all, our bed exit alarm attaches to the headboard or bed post with easy access to battery replacement.  Find out more...

Bed Exit

Help Button Safety

Sometimes it's nice to have a simple easy way of asking for help from those who care about you.  Zanthion sells a complete nurse call and help button system with follow-up assessment that is completely configurable through user generated surveys.  Find out how you can achieve security through a help button that notifies the people you want.  Find out more...


Quality of Life For Everyone

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Sign up and be a part of something great.